Microgreen Power

Thinking about high yield crop and quick harvest in 7 to 12 days? Look at these microgreens; sweet pea, purpe tango, rocket, kholrabi and wheat grass to name a few. Microgreens are usually harvested in 7 to 12 days on high density seeding environment with only water and a planting media, usually coconut peat. The coconut peat is placed on a container, soaked overnight into water and seeds are evenly distributed on top. The seed is germinated in total darkness in about 3 days and then container cover is removed. The container is then placed into a well lit area for the germinated seeds to grow. The microgreens are watered daily up to the coconut peat bottom only to prevent mould growth. In artificial lighting, it would be about 16 hours of lighting per day on T5/T8 LED 6500K. In about 12 days the microgreens can be harvested and the process done again to germinate and plant a new batch.