Fog Tower

The search for the ideal technique for smart farming is of utmost importance. Sustainable and scalable solutions applied in conjunction with existing technologies. The xFarm Tech team has selected aeroponics with the use of towers and a diffuser to generate fine particles droplets inside the tower. For cooling, a thermoelectric peltier was used with a radiator to cool both air and water that is circulated on the system.

The tower is made of 3D printed material and are modular to be stacked and assembled together.

The cartridge with seed and coconut fibre media is inserted on each of the 3 hole of the tower tier.

The cooling system used is a thermoelectric peltier that circulates cold, <27 deg C, water into the system. Also, there is a radiator that fans in cold air to the system.

A steel 3 tier cabinet was used to mount the LED T5 6500K bulbs which outputs about 10W each. a total of 3 was used for this system to have a 16 hour lighting cycle.