Little Kebun

Little Kebun “Little Garden” is a Clubhouse Community Micro farm in Singapore that produces Organic, Pesticide Free, and Sustainable produce. The Community Micro farm started 2016 where it started with soil based planters to 2019 with Hydroponic implementations. Little Kebun has been implementing Vertical Hydroponic Tower techniques in 2019. In a typical hydroponic tower, the idea is to use a tube system with a pump to get water to the top layers. The plants are usually housed in net cups to allow the water to flow through the root systems. In a tower design, the plants are grown at an angle, typically around 45 degrees. The Hydroponic solution is recirculated from tank to tower continuously. The initial implementation of xFarm Tech to Little Kebun is its xBoron Hydroponic monitoring, where pH, Electrical Conductivity, Total Dissolved Solids, Water Temperature and Environment temperature, humidity, air VOC and pressure is measured. The xFarm xBoron implementation will help on monitoring the important environment and water parameter that will put value on IoT and automation.

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