LifePlantz by xFarmTech

Conceptualised to be the innovator of sustainable urban farming, indoor and outdoor vertical farming made easy using a proven approach developed as the LifePlantz ecosystem.

It started with a simple question “Why is it so hard to grow plants?” With that question in mind, we tried EVERYTHING to create the most efficient & sustainable way of growing & keeping plants alive.

Through the innovative use of 3D printing, internet of things, machine learning, aeroponics & hydroponics we were able to achieve something amazing. We made growing easy for everyone.

The idea of an hydroponic tower ecosystem that is comprised of standard, compatible, and interconnectable parts came into light early April of 2021. The LifePlantz product line came as a result; the StartKit for micro farm in the convenience of your home, the HomeKit for a 6 and 9 plant system to continue your journey from StartKit, and finally, the AdvancedKit, a 24 plant system for both home and commercial use.

The LifePlantz product line was designed as a result of xFarmTech’s data research to make home farming to be fun and sustainable for everyone.


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