3D Printing Future

Creativity is limitless and we at xFarmTech, as part of our rapid prototyping, has applied 3D design and printing to manufacture trophies, medals, and even your face… yes, through advanced 3D scanning techniques, xFarmTech has the capability to 3D scan even your face 🙂

We have 3D printed Trophies and Medals for the recently held e-Delta League Games. A different type of trophies which uses plastics from waste food. The advent of e-games has truly adopted some sustainable practices indeed.

For more information, please do get in touch with us via email [email protected] or watch our recent webinar recording at our LifePlantz Youtube channel.

e-Delta League 3D printed medals
e-Delta League 3D printed trophies
Anti-Scam Centre LifePlantz StartKit 3D Printed Cover
3D Printed Spork
3D scanned and printed face
3D Printed headphone holder