3-Axis Accelerometer Vibration and Noise Monitoring IoT Developments

xFarm has been testing on vibration monitoring using 3-Axis accelerometers. Also, sound monitoring is being tested using Arduino based sensors. During the tests, it was identified that a significant amount of change of vibration would be able to be detected in realtime. Also, sound fluctuations can be detected by the sensors. This type of monitoring can be applied to any device that generates operating vibration where changes of patterns of vibration leading to a malfunction needs to be detected in realtime. This application can be useful for preventive maintenance of industrial motors and devices that has moving parts that generates vibrations.

Below are samples of the Vibration and Noise Monitoring solution.

The 2-Accelerometer can monitor rate of change of vibration for two surfaces in relation to its axis. This device version relays data via WiFi to a cloud service to graph the data.

The xVibe Discreet version is a miniaturised version of the 2-Accelerometer. The Discreet version uses Bluetooth BLE to connect to a gateway. The gateway saves the data and acts as an WiFi AP so that mobile devices can connect to it to see the visualisation of the graph.

The prototype of the Vibration and Sound monitoring uses WiFi to connect to a cloud service to upload data to be visualized.

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